About Oves Tondente

A Mind was in a cave. Not near the entrance, where it could be seen and observed, nor in the shadows, where it’s vague shape could be seen. It was in the very back of the cave; the part where no light had ever touched, nor had any human dared venture. The Mind had opinions, ideas, accusations, stories, poems, and lectures. For years it would keep these treasures to itself. It fondled and gaurded them through the ages. Then one day the Mind decided that it was time for the world to see its form, and know it’s name. So it crawled from the blackness and past the shadows and met the light of day. Then, as spectators gaped at its strange appearance — not knowing whether to be fearful or curious — it opened its dry lips and gurgled its name to the world. It’s name was Oves Tondente.

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